Publishing Ethics and Policies

DECENT Database is an international publishing peer-review database, which consists of a series of research journals collectively named DECENT Journals.

1. Ethical practice

All scientific research work submitted to DECENT Journals must be reported in accordance with internationally accepted standards and must comply with the ethical standards in publishing.

2. Competing interests

It is mandatory for editors, reviewers, and authors to declare any competing interests related to the research being evaluated. Interests that might affect their objective decisions on a manuscript must be clearly stated.

3. Funding sources

If your research received any financial support or funding, then it must be clearly stated. In cases where no specific funding was obtained, it should also be clearly stated.

4. License of content

Please note that all articles published under the open-access model on DECENT Database are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC) and may be reused by anyone with proper permission, citation, and attribution.

The articles published under the non-open access of DECENT Database provide subscription-based access.

5. Research involving humans

All research work involving human participants must follow and abide by all internationally accepted standards. Consent and approval must be obtained from the appropriate ethics committee/bodies in your country of research.

6. Research involving animals

All research work involving the use of animals must follow the same standards as research in humans and must abide by all internationally accepted standards. Institutional approval for the use and care of experimental animals must be obtained from the appropriate ethics committee/bodies in your institution or country of research.

7. Data acquired during the research

All data obtained in relation to the submitted article must be made publicly available.

8. Authorship

All articles published on DECENT Database must clearly highlight the contributions of all authors. This means that a brief description of the contribution of each author must be provided in the published article.

DECENT Database CrossMark Policy

DECENT Database is a participating member of CrossRef, which is a multi-publisher initiative that provides a standard method for readers to locate the most updated versions of an article through CrossMark Services. The Crossmark button situated on all published digital formats (HTML, PDF and ePub) of DECENT Database indicates membership in CrossRef. Application of the CrossMark button to all articles on DECENT Database affirms a commitment to uphold publishing integrity by maintaining the content of scholarly articles and promptly registering any updates. Clicking the CrossMark icon will inform the reader of the current status of a document and may also provide additional publication record information about the document.

Please visit for more information about CrossMark.

Correction and Retraction Policies

DECENT Database is committed to upholding research integrity and professional publishing ethics of peer-reviewed and other science-related materials. DECENT Database would publish Errata, Expressions of Concerns or Retraction Notices as the need arise, and following the COPE Retraction Guidelines. Such publications would be linked to the original article using CrossRef update services.