Reviewers Center

DECENT Database acknowledges the immense contribution of reviewers to the scientific research world in maintaining the high quality of all published articles. Reviewers are selected across the globe based on their expertise, reputation, and recommendations.

All reviewers must hold a PhD, be an expert in the field of the submitted manuscript and must not have published any articles with the author(s) of the submitted manuscript in the previous ten years.

All communication between reviewers and editors is carried out within our online manuscript submission system called DECENT Manager.

The process of interacting with our online submission system (DECENT Manager) is simple and straightforward. Please follow the instructions below to accept or reject the invitation sent to you by DECENT Database.

1. Invitation link sent out to review a manuscript

An invitation link is sent out via our online manuscript submission system (DECENT Manager) to accept or reject the offer to review a manuscript. Click either the green button to accept or the red button to reject reviewing a manuscript. In both cases, you will be redirected to the DECENT Manager login page.

If you are already a registered user on DECENT Database, enter your username and password and login into your account. Your invitations can be found in the Reviewer’s Page (on the left-hand side) in the DECENT Manager. If you are a new user, you will need to register before you can access the DECENT Manager dashboard.

After clicking on invitations, you will be able to see a brief summary of the submitted manuscript. You can either click the Accept and Review Manuscript or Decline .

Please note, only accept the offer to review a manuscript if you have the time and knowledge to provide the editor with your assessment within the time frame specified/.

2. The single-blind peer-review process

At least three reviewers will be involved in the single-blind peer-review process for all manuscripts submitted to DECENT Database. All authors names will be visible to the three reviewers, but the reviewer’s names will not be seen by the authors. The reviewer’s identities will appear as reviewer 1, 2, and 3 in the author’s dashboard.

3. Allotted time for the review process

We recommend the review process of any manuscript to be completed within three (3) weeks from acceptance.

4. Competing interests

Please do not agree to review a manuscript assigned to you by our editors if you have competing interests with any of the authors. If you are unsure as to what constitutes a competing interest, then please contact the editorial office.

5. Our token of appreciation

As a token of our appreciation in the reviewing process of a manuscript, reviewers will be offered free access for a 60-day period to materials on the database. The free access will be granted irrespective of the outcome of the peer-review process.

Reviewers who pay an OPTIONAL annual membership subscription of AUD50.00 to DECENT Journals get 40% off article processing charges for the year. 

Also, a certificate of appreciation will be issued to our reviewers at the end of a peer-review process.

Furthermore, if a slot is available on any of the editorial boards of the DECENT Journals, reviewers who have completed at least three (3) peer-review processes will be considered first.