Editors Center

DECENT Database, the publishing house of DECENT Journals, strongly recognises the vital role of the editorial board members in the research and academic world. For now, the various DECENT Journals published through the DECENT Database will not have an editor-in-chief. Instead, the editorial board members will oversee the DECENT Journals. 

The initial term for an editorial board member with any of the DECENT Journals is two (2) years, and he or she can step down at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.

An editorial board member is responsible for communicating with the reviewers and the authors and has the final decision on a manuscript based on the comments and suggestions supplied by the independent reviewers.

A. Duties of Editors

1. Publication decisions 

An editor of DECENT Database is responsible for deciding which submitted articles should be published, working in conjunction with the reviewers. Validation of the integrity and merit of the work in question and its contribution to science and relevance to researchers and readers in contemporary times must drive such decisions. 

The editor must be guided by the policies of DECENT Databases’ editorial board and legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. 

An editor of DECENT Database may choose to consult with other editors or reviewers of DECENT Database in making this decision. 

2. Equity

An editor of DECENT Database must critically evaluate manuscripts for intellectual content without regard to the author’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship or political philosophy. 

3. Confidentiality 

An editor of DECENT Database and any editorial staff must maintain privacy in dealing with any information about a submitted manuscript. It is in this regard that communication must be maintained with only corresponding authors, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers or the management of DECENT Database, as appropriate. 

The editors must not use privileged information, ideas or concepts obtained through peer review for personal purposes. 

An editor of DECENT Database must take reasonably responsive actions when ethical complaints are presented concerning a submitted manuscript or published paper. To that end, every reported act of data integrity and unethical research behaviour must be investigated regardless of the date after publication.

4. Research/Academic leadership 

As an editor of DECENT Database, you are expected to develop expertise in your area of research continually. Editors are also expected to promote DECENT Journals in their areas of influence and encourage the submission of original research articles that add to the value of science in contemporary times.

5. Our token of appreciation

As a token of our appreciation for your effort in coordinating the single-blind peer-review process, you will be entitled to an honorarium after the accepted manuscript has been published.

Additionally, only an editorial board member has the opportunity to send an invitation for review articles to be submitted to any of the DECENT Journals. An editorial board member can send a maximum of two (2) invitations per year.

Furthermore, an editorial board member can publish two papers per year free of charge in any of the DECENT Journals (open access), after going through the peer-review system.

Also, your first three recommended papers in each year will enjoy 50 % discount on article processing charges.

In addition, an editorial board member has unlimited access to all articles on DECENT Database for life.