DECENT Journals

DECENT Database is an international publishing peer-reviewed database, which consists of a series of research journals. DECENT Database's aim is to develop an accessible and affordable platform containing different journals where researchers from all over the world, including developing and underdeveloped nations, can easily access research materials. Authors will no longer need to pay exorbitant publication fees. Rather, they will continually be rewarded for their effort via their article(s) published on DECENT Database. 

The research journals published on the DECENT Database platform will focus on three major areas, namely: Science, Engineering, and Health. DECENT Database accepts contributions as short communications, full research articles, and review articles. 

The design of the research studies intended for publication on DECENT Journals must be guided by this scope in order to pass the first manuscript screening test, which will also include thorough plagiarism checks and research ethics clearance. Within the stipulated areas of specialisation, preference will be placed on innovation and originality. Other areas of specialisation will be incorporated into DECENT Database in due course.