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Why DECENT Database was established

There is a gap in the scientific community between developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. DECENT Database was established as a way of bridging this gap by consolidating knowledge and enhancing science across the globe.



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DECENT Journals DECENT Database is an international publishing peer-reviewed database, which consists of a series of research journals. DECENT Database's aim is to develop an accessible and affordable platform containing different journals where researchers
Reviewers Center DECENT Database acknowledges the immense contribution of reviewers to the scientific research world in maintaining the high quality of all published articles. Reviewers are selected across the globe based on their expertise, reputation, and recommend
Editors Center DECENT Database, the publishing house of DECENT Journals, strongly recognises the vital role of the editorial board members in the research and academic world. For now, the various DECENT Journals published through the DECENT Database will not have a
DECENT Hub DECENT Database recognises that a major limitation in conducting empirical research in developing and underdeveloped nations is access to equipment, which ultimately affects research quality. Globally, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and deve
Why choose DECENT Database?
The current project addresses cost and research accessibility issues through a carefully designed operational model that offers open access publishing for a relatively low cost, in addition to an alternate subscription-based model that provides royalties to registered authors. The modifications proposed by DECENT Database, when compared to the traditional research culture, are scientist-centric — tailored towards increasing the scientific exposure of researchers and rewarding them appropriately. It is hoped that our models will stimulate interest in science and encourage research and development in a way that bridges the gap between the underdeveloped, developing, and developed nations.

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